St. Nuño Alvares Pereira - Nuño of Saint Mary

Feast Day - October 6th


Cousin of the founder of the noble Braganza family. Constable of the kingdom of Portugal, knight and prior in the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Married. Career soldier, fighting for, and a hero of Portuguese independence. Widower. Carmelite lay-brother at Lisbon, Portugal in 1423, taking the name Nuño of Saint Mary. Undertook the meanest duties in the friary, begging alms from door to door. Founded a monastery at Lisbon. Noted for a life of prayer, penance, and devotion to Our Lady.

Born - July 24, 1360 at Santares, Portugal

Died - April 1, 1431 (Easter Sunday) at the Carmelite monastery at Lisbon, Portugal

Beatified - January 23, 1918 by Pope Benedict XV

Canonized - April 26, 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI©2015