Pauline Enters Carmel
October 2, 1882

At the age of ten, she was deeply distressed when Pauline, her favorite sister whom she had chosen as a substitute mother, left to become a Carmelite (October 2, 1882). This new emotional shock went so deep that she fell seriously ill. For a whole month, her family were at their wits end, even doctors could find no explanation for the hallucinations, tossings, turnings and anorexia which afflicted her. Family and Carmelites alike prayed to Our Lady of Victories. And, on May 13, 1883, when it seemed that she would either die or lose her sanity, the family's statue of the Virgin smiled at her, and she was cured. But "spiritual torment" was to be her lot for years to come, slackening only when she started preparing for her long awaited First Communion.©2015